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‘Injuries happen’ : Nats get them early and often

Someone needs to start a blog for Nationals Institute of Health. The latest to fall victim to the DL in a season-ending injury before the season starts is Luis Ayala who pitched 1 1/3 innings for Mexico in the WBC. It was his choice to go play for Mexico despite being warned he should instead report to Viera, and MLB denied two appeals from the team that Ayala be exempted for injury.

“The medical information that we received from the club was insufficient to keep the player out of the tournament,” Manfred said. “The information that we received from the player was that he was able to play, and we made our best judgment based on all that information. Are we happy about this? No. But injuries happen.”

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Guillen injury update

Wow, well, the 2nd opinion out of the doctor in Baltimore, according to Bowden on the radio, is that Guillen received a Cortisone shot and will be ready to play in seven to ten days. No surgery will be required. The doctor in Florida feared the wrist tendon was torn and required surgery to repair, but apparently the second opinion deduced the opposite. Bowden says they’re going with the second opinion because “it’s better”. Let’s hope that’s an accurate assessment and we’re not playing an injured Guillen again. Continue reading Guillen injury update

Famous last words

Yesterday it was reported that newly acquired pitcher Brian Lawrence’s shoulder stiffness from the first couple days of spring training was a thing of the past.

Right-hander Brian Lawrence threw a bullpen session on Thursday and said his shoulder stiffness is a thing of the past. He threw on the mound for eight minutes without feeling any pain.

“Everything felt good,” Lawrence said. “I took it nice and easy. I threw from the windup and stretch. I threw changeups. I’m on the right track.”

Lawrence’s next bullpen session is Saturday.

Today is Saturday, and extreme thanks and kudos to Scott at NFA who got the scoop first and phoned in NFA’s co-proprietor Brian to report that apparently the past just isn’t so. Continue reading Famous last words