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TV/Radio rights and frustrations

Bob Carpenter’s new wing man

Welcome to FP Santangelo, Bob Carpenter’s new partner this season in the broadcast booth. Yesterday was the first game that counts I watched with the new pairing. I did catch a couple spring training games on tv as well. I like the guy so far, but I have one request.

That’s some good old fashioned country hard ball!

Please please do not overuse that phrase! I think I heard it at least 4 times yesterday, maybe with ‘fast’ switching out ‘hard’ on occasion if describing a pitch.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the toned down style of FP. Plus, I think as the two work together more as the season progresses, they’ll become more comfortable with each other’s style and blend pretty well. Carpenter seems to be enjoying his new partner as well. He described how over the long course of a season the already small broadcast studio can begin to feel even smaller, but he believes with FP it will be plenty roomy.


I have a small room in my house where all of my memorabilia and autographed balls are kept. It also happens to be my office (of course – in my basement!). Now, my house is a bit large, but I couldn’t say any part of it qualifies as its own wing. I am curious about the size of FP’s house. Apparently it does have a wing. During the broadcaster Q&A at FanFest, he raved about how being an MLB broadcaster is a dream job of his. (I wish I had kept the video camera rolling for this) He went on to relate that when he was a player, he would get autographs from opposing players but also from all the broadcasters. He has a “wing in his house” full of autographed baseballs with these broadcaster autographs.

Huh. I mean, I know baseball players make a lot of money and probably live in lavish homes, but I guess I’ve never heard anyone talk about a wing of their house before. I nearly went into a giggle fit right there in the front row. From here on out, I will think of FP as the “wing man” to play by play broadcaster Carpenter.

Final words on this

Wow. Well, I apologize for how strongly worded my last post was. Those who have known me over the last 5 years know I rarely get opinionated or go off half-cocked. I was just sick of the fight picking. I know there are fans out there who enjoy Dibble’s commentary and that’s fine. I didn’t even mention his broadcasting style, so I’m not picking any bones there. My point was he made himself part of the story by lashing out… repeatedly. As if it’s the internet’s fault for his comments on Strasburg. Who, you know, happens to be the prized cow of the organization and the warmth in most fans’ hearts.

I know many fans aren’t bloggers or don’t work for media, so they have no leg in that fight and don’t understand why it was so annoying. It encouraged him becoming the focus of the story and carrying it on, when he’s supposed to be an observer. Everyone is going to have critics. The trick is to learn how to tune them out. And I guess I failed there too in that he criticized blogs (ever so repeatedly) and then I lashed back. My bad. I had just reached my tipping point on the whole thing.

Apparently so did Dibble (or someone in the organization) as he unexpectedly requested a few days off beginning with last night’s game. Honestly, I don’t think this little blog wields that big of a stick and had no influence on it, but wow on the timing! Stan Kasten’s quote there is classic!

And I think Dibble maybe gets the point now. This morning on his XM show he said, “I shouldn’t be the conversation”. (I’m not transcribing that for my 15 minutes of fame, thank you very much!)

He was hired for his shock-jock reputation. Just not sure this was how they foresaw things unfolding.

And let me be clear here (yes, I’ve been reading the comments elsewhere). Dibble’s OWN words got him into hot water when he spouted off about Strasburg’s toughness before the results of the MRI(s) were in. Not a blogger. More misplaced blame if you ask me.

Now back to baseball!

Dib Dib Dibble Dee Do

With apologies to Debbi Taylor, Bob Carpenter, Ray Knight and Johnny Holliday – who have always been charming and pleasant…. I sure hope I’m not committing media suicide here…

Well, I was going to try to stay out of the fray surrounding Rob Dibble over the past month. It’s my whole Toy Story dinosaur “I don’t like confrontation” personality trait coming out, and self-defense instinct in that I don’t want to paint a bigger bulls-eye on my back than being a blogger already presents. But well, I’m going to write on this here “little blog” because according to Dibble, it’s nothing. Inconsequential. But I disagree there. Also, I feel a little guilty about all the heat Dan Steinberg took after the “there must be a sale!” women behind home plate story.

As an aside, there is a sale at Gap! For a good cause, you can download a 30% off Gap coupon that benefits LLS – 5% of your purchases from Thursday, August 26th – Sunday, August 29th will be donated to LLS. See, that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Some teams have broadcasters adored by their fans. You’d think such a symbiotic relationship between fans and those who bring the team and games into their homes, their living rooms (or computers and phones these days) would be desirable. When Dibble was first signed to a contract to take Don Sutton’s place in the television booth, I was intrigued yet skeptical, but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I assumed the “Nasty Boy” mentality and controversy stirring reputation were more legend than reality and that he had matured since his pitching days. Instead what I’ve observed is a polarizing bully, unwilling to take even the slightest criticism, with no “filters” regarding lashing out against the very fans he’s supposed to be endearing himself to. Poor you, Dibble. The big bad internet picked on you. Do you do anything to stop it? No. You make it worse. You alone. With your ignorant, defensive, accusatory, inflammatory statements. There are far better ways to go about resolving criticism and conflict.

I had concerns when Dibble was first hired and heard he’d kept his XM/Sirius gig – not for any conflict of interest… I just know the grind of covering a baseball team and didn’t see how he’d balance both effectively. I never foresaw what happened this week when he essentially called Strasburg a pussy. Oh I’m sorry, did I get the context wrong there? Nope don’t think so.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take the belittling anymore.

you know, what really ticks me off, Jim, is when bloggers, who have no information, and have not talked to doctors, have no on-the-field information will rip into me and say, ‘Oh, yeah, Dibble told him to suck it up.’

Ok, I would assume he was targeting Steinberg there, who I’m not sure I would label as a “blogger” and lump in with the rest of us. He is a journalist. He works for the Washington Post. His “blog” items often appear in print too. He gets more page views per day than MASN gets viewers. Yet, it’s another example of Dibble painting everyone with a broad brush, while all Steinberg did was transcribe Dibble’s own words. And then Dibble stereotyped… again.

I took offense to the remarks about the women behind home plate because of the broad strokes — and mostly the comment about him saying the husbands are thinking, “Man, leave your wife at home next time”. I took offense to this latest rant as well. I pride myself on the fact that I get along with most media members… all but one in fact. Dibble. First he blocked me on Twitter. I never said anything bad to or about him in person or online. In fact, at first I thought there must be some mistake, but I guess not. I requested to be unblocked and may as well have clicked on a brick wall. Yet he continues to belittle my kind (that being females and bloggers and heck, I even occasionally frequent a chat room or two! Oh the humanity!) on television and his satellite radio show. A classic case of not being able to take what’s dished out if you ask me. I’ve had it. I go on radio and tv too. Not as frequently as Dibble, but you know what? Fans relate to me too. Nobody but former pitchers and casual fans relate to him. Guess which has the higher population number? (On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t run the numbers on that)

I’ve been covering this team longer. Maybe I didn’t play in the game (I am a girl after all), but I’ll take Ray Knight’s analysis as a player over his belittling any day. And while his modus operandi is bullying the team’s fans who may also be detractors, I’ve welcomed mine. It’s a different approach. Some may want to try it. Maybe you’ll learn something rather than alienating what remaining fans the Nats have that still keep the sound on while watching a game. I have it on good authority even media members turn off the sound for the home broadcasters.

On the other hand, I’ll just sit back and wait for the next time a shoe store is inserted into a broadcaster’s mouth and it spreads nationwide like wildfire. I don’t think the Nats will put up with the bad press much longer. I eagerly look forward to a booth of Ray Knight and Bob Carpenter. Broadcasters are supposed to tell the story and teach the subtleties of baseball to new and old fans alike, not become the story. That’s your job. Just go out there every day and do it. The broadcast booth is not your personal pulpit to offend.

So retaliate or prove me wrong. The challenge is thrown.

I was really hoping Thom Loverro would give the ultimate smackdown today, but he didn’t. So I had to take matters into my own feeble hands.