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My attempt at podcasting, videocasting, and clips of games and interviews

Podcast 12-22-05 Last One

I promise, the torture will end here. Or at least take a long hiatus! In trying to fit podcasts into the length of one song, I’m editing out a lot. So Brian, your request for more information was cut off at only one sentence (recorded before the request) – leaves more for the imagination! And as for how it ends, don’t worry – nothing bad happened (aside from being cut off by someone in an unmarked police cruiser), but my software actually cut the feed off at that point. Lucky you!

Latest and last podcast

Podcast 12-21-05 late night

I think I’m getting the hang of this, but it still stinks. Against my better judgement, I’ll put it out here anyway and let you decide. I recorded another on my commute in this morning, but editing these dang things is awfully labor-intensive, so this may be a short attention span thing. Anyway, I’ll try to get the other one up later. It may be more entertaining as there wasn’t much *new* news this morning.

JANF podcast 12-21-05

Test podcast

Ok, I’m trying something new here just for the fun and grins of it. I’m not sure it’ll work! If this works, I’ll try to find a way to add it to the iTunes podcast directory and also figure out the unique RSS feed location for the podcast category only so if you use your own podcatcher, you can subscribe it to the podcast only portion of the blog.

If all else fails, I’m back to text only.

Testing 1,2,3

Ok, the link has been submitted to iTunes and hopefully won’t take long to propogate. I’ll add a link to subscribe from here later (once I figure it out). The RSS feed for podcasts will also be added to the side navigation under Meta soon, but here’s the link now RSS 2.0 Podcasts.

I’m not sure I can keep up with this every day or if it’ll even be that interesting, but what the heck!