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Oh yes, it’s Ladies Night…

[Photoset] And I’m feeling right.. (those are the lyrics, right?). I so totally meant to do that on the video and then forgot during my (2 attempts at) recording my bits! Yes, the 2nd Ladies Night at new Nationals Park was held last night on the rooftop party deck of parking lot B behind left field. DC Sports Chick took a night off from her maternal duties to return to our old stomping ground and we had a blast. The hostesses really go all out to make sure everyone has a great time and it shows. Last night the giveaway was tote bags for storing goodies in that were handed out by the vendors (minus the beer and wine, which must be consumed immediately). Lastings Milledge and Willie Harris wanted to party too as shown in the most awesome clip of video I’ve obtained yet. You been YouTubed!! Hee! Next I want to see them do the synchronized dance to the whole song! [The song choice requested, btw, has some relevance!]

Is the Nats Fans 10 sign gone from the 200 level? DCSportsChick and I ended up in the cushy seats in front of the Red Loft bar and I couldn’t see it from that vantage point. I was going to Twitter that (among other things), but the stadium still seems to be an iPhone Dead Zone for me. Weird!

So if you haven’t made it to a Ladies Night yet, hopefully this inspires you to sign up next time! No matter how the games are going, attending a party hosted by the wonderful people who work behind the scenes and get the players to come show some personality is so worth it! Celebrate your birthday this way, enjoy a night away from home duties, or just come for the fun of it. As comedienne Erin Jackson put it, “this is cool!”

Ok, I got a little carried away Googling “Soulja Boy Superman“! Line dancing keeps coming to mind for some odd reason. I’m not a country fan, but… this is kinda cool! Not that it’s country (in any way), but the dancing seems very similar.

That’s Chat’s Nats : Frank Robinson

I was honored to be in Frank Robinson’s presence and hear him talk about baseball for about 45 minutes. Just too cool for words. I may have to make a part II if there’s any interest as I still have 20 minutes of unedited video (on the steroids talk, player attitudes, fundamentals, etc.!). While I could relate some of what he was saying to current Nationals (at that time) such as Felipe Lopez, he didn’t call out any Nationals or give advice about the team itself. His talking was more about the game in general and its evolution over time – aside from the two specific questions I asked that were current and history related as far as the Nationals go.

That’s Chat’s Nats : 06-22-08

So by now maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been gone the last four days! I was up in the flooded northwestern Wisconsin hinterlands with my dad and Little Chatter, who we took on his first white water rafting adventure. While I kind of make light of the flooding in this video (which was obviously filmed after the first game in the series against the Rangers), I did feel terrible for those affected and was rather disappointed in CNN’s non-stop coverage that pretty much only included St. Louis, MO. CNN was my only link to the world while gone as my iPhone blares “No Service” up there, meaning my broadband wireless card is also non-functional, and there’s no internet to be found. Weird, right? Anyway, what they glossed over is that one of the Wisconsin Dells lakes broke through its dam and flooded pretty much everything south, leaving the lake just a muddy remnant. Even weirder than no internet and cell phone coverage!

Anyway, I haven’t made a That’s Chat’s Nats in a while because I’ve been lacking inspiration and excitement, but vacation always cures what ails ya. So I tried something different. Crank up the volume! The waterproof case made the sound rather muffled 😉

I went straight from flight to stadium for today’s game, but I left the camera at home because I was pooped and just wanted to score the game and relax. Tubing and rafting will do that to you! Willie Harris’s birthday pinch-hit home run was pretty great, but Ronnie Belliard’s tying home run was even better! Too bad the game fell apart after that. *sigh* So much for my dreams of a sweep (which I realized even when I said it were unrealistic).

That’s Chat’s Nats : 03-28-08

3WT Radio’s Inaugural Ball (Walk), led by Nigel (aka Marc Sterne). [Photoset]. That was fun! I made some new friends and met a YouTube subscriber. What more could a girl ask for? Being a part of the group that walked the ball that will be thrown by Mayor Adrian Fenty tomorrow during the exhibition game against the Orioles from RFK to Nationals Park is up there. I even got to carry it a bit. Ooooh! Ahhhh! I’m not sure if my favorite line from this is, “Back off! We’re Nats fans!” (while weilding a bat) or “We’re on YouTube!” haha!

Whew, that’s how many videos in a row now? Tomorrow it’s back to serious baseball stuff. My new scorebook is ready (I went with the 8.5 x 11 size and used one of my new ballpark photos for the cover). Hopefully it fits in the cooler bag I use as a camera bag.

That’s Chat’s Nats : Build-A-Screech

We here at JANF (me, myself, and I) strive to put up unique content not found elsewhere in the Natosphere, and sometimes our (my) oddly weird perspective and opinions aren’t quite enough. So rather than go to the ballpark last night and capture the amazing moment the players stepped onto the field and saw their new clubhouse for the first time, knowing it would be widely covered, I skipped it to work on my “stuffing my face video“… And the following video. Cutting edge stuff, I tell ya. Okay, seriously, I’m kicking myself like mad for not going. Tired or not, how could I miss that?!?! How?!?! So instead you get this – a Build-A-Bear newbie’s documentary on how you can Build-A-Screech at the new Nationals Park. The bear companion who walked me through bringing my new Screech to life takes his job quite seriously! I admit, I kissed the heart that is now buried deep inside my Screech. Luckily, the rest of the media was across the Centerfield Plaza checking out the new Team Store and there were no witnesses. You can’t prove anything. I would have felt much more ridiculous kissing the actual Screech, who is quite authentic in that his hat is sewn on and cannot be removed for the National Anthem. Hee! I did not, however, close my eyes and make a big wish. I sure hope that doesn’t mean seven years of bad luck or something.

I really had to compose myself when the stuffing began! Anyway, this is more informational than my usual entertainment.