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To Break A Camera

You know that joking phrase, “XX is so ugly, they’ll break your camera if you take a picture of them”? Well, I couldn’t wait to get through my photo card to find out who the last person I took a photo of was before my camera began flashing an ugly error on the display and refusing to take any more pictures.

I had great seats at Roger Dean Stadium as the Nationals took on (and beat) the Marlins. Happily shutterbugging away, I caught Jordan Zimmermann’s first few pitches, both Nyjer Morgan and Danny Espinosa getting hit by pitches and fielding in the bottom of the first. Then suddenly, the camera wouldn’t take any photos. I’d hear the shutter half flip, then an error would fill the display. “Error 99. Shut off camera and turn back on”. Ok, did that. Nope, same error.

Frantically, I googled the error on my phone and tried the things suggested (remove the battery, lens, media cards and wait 20 minutes, then replace one by one..), scoring the game all the while and trying to write notes on things that would normally appear in the pictures. After a half hour passed, I tried again. Still nothing. Somberly, I packed the camera away.

How do I write about a game without replaying it via photos and captioning them? I’m not sure I know how! Somehow, tomorrow, I’ll have to find a way. That beer mission is sounding even better now!

So who was in the last photo I took? Jayson Werth wins that one – he was about to catch a fly ball for the 2nd out in the bottom of the 1st inning. Heck, he’s making enough to replace my camera body, right? 😉 (just kidding!)

1ST : It appears Werth is who broke my camera - last photo I took. :(

I’ve been using this camera for years, so I’m sure it’s out of warranty. Guess I’ll take it to the camera shop when I get back home Tuesday and hope they can save it. In the meantime, off to sob! RIP

Stan Kasten on Facebook

Screen shot 2010-08-09 at 4.06.05 PM

Now that I got your attention, just kidding! Yes, Stan Kasten has a page on Facebook (with only 1 “Like”), but it’s just a reproduction of the Wikipedia entry on him. What I found most interesting was the photo. It was another one of those, “Hey! That’s my photo!” moments that often catch me by surprise.

Roger Bernadina official website

Take Roger Bernadina’s official site, for example. I was stunned to see my photo there without accreditation [original photo]. I mean, aren’t most agents who set up such sites lawyers or some such who have rudimentary understanding of copyright laws. I do have my photos posted as “All rights reserved” so I’m not even sure how Wikipedia is getting away with having gobs of my photos on multiple players’ profiles (not that I mind because at least there they give me credit. [Caveat: I have not yet contacted Bernadina’s website/agent, but intend to]

All Rights Reserved on Flickr

I’m flattered and honored people want to use my photos, really I am! There’s no better affirmation of one’s work than that. But please please, ask me first. All I want is my name on my own work and I’d like to also know where it pops up. That’s it! Simple!

Nats U and Ladies Night Video

I wrote a few items over at over the past few days, so here’s a big catch-up! I’m still not sure how to balance posting here and over there, but I’m gradually getting the hang of things.

BTW, the RSS feed for Nationals items over at CSN is here. Not all of my entries end up in it – it looks like some go in the front page feed as well, which is here. Become a subscriber! It’s free! 🙂 (and commenter, please!)

And with the end of the road trip to Cleveland, I think my photographer days are over. I’m getting paid to write, not fancy myself as some awesome MLB photographer, and trying to do both has proven complicated and difficult. I’ll still photograph things here and there (why not? I have the equipment), but game stories told through photos will end except maybe when I’m a fan in the stands and have my smaller lens. Although going from the quality of a professional 300mm lens to my normal lens is kind of a disappointment to me. I’d like to give a shoutout to – using their rental service for the 300mm was a phenomenal experience and the transaction was a breeze. Plus, it allowed me to get the awesome Strasburg shots I will cherish forever. Plus, the Dunn hit on Santana. That was so cool!

03-21-10 Pete Orr and Chris Duncan Reassigned After Game

Lannan looks ready for season

[ Photoset on Flickr ] One of the advantages of waiting until morning to write up a blog post is some post-game moves perspective added in. The Nationals brought a mostly “B” team 100+ miles south on I-95 to Roger Dean Stadium yesterday to face the Marlins. No Zimmerman, Dunn, Guzman, Willingham… I present you Pete Orr (who looked a little off on fundamentals) and Chris Duncan, both of whom were victims of this morning’s cuts along with Shairon Martis. Ian Desmond, who many want to see win the SS position over Cristian Guzman, did well at the plate, but but left a little to be desired defensively, committing two errors. Yet, the Nationals still won 9-7 despite Bergmann’s best effort to give the game back to the Fish.

I used a 16GB card for the first time and took 1627 photos of the game. Yowza!! I whittled it down to 45 for the photoset, so it may take some time to load. I even cut some of the more narrative photos that weren’t really much to look at, so this is not as ‘game story telling’ of a photoset as I usually do. So here’s how the game went (note: I don’t have a box score to fact check with, so this was my interpretation of the game):

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03-20-10 Two days; Two first round draft picks

Drew Storen

[ Photoset on Flickr ] I awoke to the news that Strasburg and Storen had been reassigned to minor league camp. I felt a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to see Drew Storen pitch on this trip, so I was quite surprised when he took the mound in the 9th inning against the Marlins. He didn’t disappoint, getting a flyout, strikeout, and pop up all in a row.

I had to practice my manual focus mad skillz as I was sitting behind the net, but not close enough to get my auto-focus to ignore it. That was fun (and by fun, I mean challenging!). The Nationals ultimately lost to the Marlins 5-3 after starting out with a run in the first inning and not scoring again until 7th. Marlins employed the long ball, hitting homeruns off Mock and Martis, two by Cameron Maybin. Tyler Walker and Drew Storen each pitched perfect innings in the 8th and 9th.

And now it’s time to head to Jupiter (city, not planet) where I should probably wear jeans to protect my scalded sunburnt knees. Oy, that was dumb not putting sunscreen on my legs! Photos after the jump: Continue reading 03-20-10 Two days; Two first round draft picks