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But I’ve Got The Biggest…

Blogs With Balls panelists
Amy K. Nelson (ESPN), Mike Hall (NESN), Jeff Pyatt (Real Clear Sports), Jeff Pearlman (SI), Dan Steinberg (WaPo), Bethlehem Shoals (FreeDarko)

Yeah, you know how that line ends and the song keeps sticking in my head as I write a recap of “Blogs With Balls 1.0”. Actually, I don’t have the biggest of them all, clearly. It’s probably a good thing I have none of those dangly somewhat spherical objects at all, as I’ve been straddling a fence (hopefully not picket) over the last couple years; an awkward, fascinating, challenging place to hang out. See, when it comes to this here blog, I don’t really consider myself media – in fact, I’m never quite sure what to consider myself and I’ve given up trying to define my role. I’ve told Kasten I’m not media, yet later, Mr. Chatter pointed out I write, take photographs (some published), appear on TV and radio – in other words, the very definition of media. But I’m not fully credentialed and have fought my way to respectability and limited access. Yet I work in media, if only on the back end where I’m relatively invisible, because I actually love media and aspire to being as good as the rest, whether that’s writing, doing videos, or taking sports photos. To punctuate the whole straddling thing, my nametag had my workplace on it instead of my blog!

I absolutely was not going to pass up attending the first organized sports blogger conference in NYC this past weekend. The event felt rather historic and I wanted to be a part of it. Also, Dan Steinberg was slated to be a panelist in the “Why We Hate You – The Media’s Take” panel and I was curious to hear what that panel would entail from my perspective on both sides of the fence. Finally, I was really looking forward to the networking aspect. Covering a single team in a single sport really tends to leave one hidden from the rest of the sports world. And I am a sports blogger, after all, so I was kind of surprised when the first thing Steinberg asked upon seeing me was, “What are you doing here?” (enter stereotypical interweb-speak LOL) I quickly borrowed a sharpie and corrected my nametag. Continue reading But I’ve Got The Biggest…

Real Women, Real Baseball

A little over a year ago, I met Jennifer Hammond during the “Inaugural Ball Walk“. Jennifer is a baseball player and also in charge of marketing/publicity for the Eastern Women’s Baseball Conference (EWBC). As I mentioned back then, I’d love to play, but sadly still haven’t been able to find a way to fit it into my chaotic life (wow, that post was two years ago!).

Next weekend, May 23-25, the EWBC will be hosting the Fourth Annual Baltimore-Washington Invitational Diamond Classic featuring teams from New England, New York/New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Indiana, as well as their own D.C. Thunder. Preliminary round action will be held Saturday and Sunday at Bachman Sports Complex in Glen Burnie and Joe Cannon Stadium in Hanover. The Championship game will be held at Joe Cannon Stadium, Monday, May 25 at 10:00 AM.

I am so totally going to try to go and photograph some of the Diamond Classic (and dream about playing again). Hopefully some readers will also take the opportunity!

Complete press release and schedule after the jump.
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08-25-08 Off Day Means Golf Day

Joel Hanrahan grins after sinking a 65 or 70 foot putt

[Photoset] When I first became an avid fan of the Nationals and started pouring out my mostly inane thoughts on this here website, I would have just died to think I might have an opportunity one day to spend the better part of a day golfing with one of the players. Oh wait, I don’t golf. So what I mean is, spending the day following him, the #2 golf instructor in Maryland according to Golf Digest 2007-2008, my husband, and friend around an 18 hole course with camera in hand. I also wouldn’t have believed it, even if I dreamed it. Yesterday it really happened with that player being pitcher Joel Hanrahan, thanks to volunteering his time for a charity auction Mr. Chatter won in support of Chartese Burnett’s fundraising drive for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Golf Pro Harvey Haddock, who also generously volunteered his time and expertise, rounded out the foursome. And wow, was it awesome! Not only for me, but for my husband and our friend, who the experience was really about. As we rehashed the day over our weekly Mojito Monday gathering on their patio last night, the boys were still glowing. Me, I had never played on a golf course or even walked/rode one before, so the entire experience from the feel of the buzz-cut squishy wet putting greens (hey, it’s not artificial turf like miniature golf!) to the Divot Mix containers was entirely new for me and made for some interesting observations. Plus, I couldn’t wait to drive a cart, another first for me.

Group shot before the round began
(Group shot before the round began courtesy of Andrew)
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