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Ate Like Royalty

Amidst all the frenzy about the Church/Schneider for Milledge trade, yesterday was Little Chatter’s 10th birthday. (Cue awwwws!) Little Chatter is also very good friends with Wildfire’s head chef’s son, who is close in age. Not that he had a choice — us being friends with the parents forced him to and they’ve known each other since little chef was born! In all seriousness, the boys get along famously and are having a great time for the year their family is here. We were treated to a pre-opening birthday dinner at Wildfire last night.

Wildfire in Tyson's Galleria

As mentioned, the restaurant is running through mock dinners to get ready for opening in about two weeks. Before they do real people mock dinners next week, the kitchen is running through drills of cooking for invisible people. Then when they’re done, they get to sit down and enjoy the food (nice perk!). We walked in yesterday evening after half the restaurant’s tables were filled with delectable dishes. My eyes widened as I scanned table after table filled with steaks and ice cream sundaes. Mmmmm! We were seated at a table and given plates and told to just take whatever we wanted off the other tables. Wow! Where to start?!

We actually never left our seats. Mr. Chatter and I feasted on lobster tail with a crab crust, swordfish, salmon, peppercrusted filet mignon, bacon wrapped scallops and chopped salad, all of which was brought to us after naming our food (I want that, and that, and that, and that…). I have to say, I think the kitchen is ready for prime time. The food was wonderful, although I think I ate the equivalent of three entrees, plus salad, plus cake! The kids were oh-so-adventurous with cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, french fries, and mac n cheese (I couldn’t resist trying it – good stuff!). I hope their taste buds get more sophisticated as they mature.

A chocolate cake slice with candle was brought over for Little Chatter and we all sang Happy Birthday to him (but not the whole place, thank goodness). I think he’ll remember that for a while! The cake I bought him at Safeway is still sitting on the kitchen counter untouched. What? You don’t really think I bake?!

Wildfire Kitchen

The restaurant is in Tyson’s Galleria (the new mall) on the far north end next to Macy’s on the third level. Can’t miss it! Here’s a copy of the menu with prices by request. I didn’t scan all of it, but you get the idea. The place has a gorgeous backlit bar and apparently this room where these cool walls can drop down and give individual booths privacy (I didn’t see that, but believe me, I’m checking it out next time!). If you go, tell Chef Steven that MissChatter sent ya 😉

Holiday Shopping Done Yet?

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Here’s a bonus…

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‘Tee’ Hee!

Point 000015% say this site rocksI stumbled upon Alexa today and for giggles, decided to look up my own site. Because I’m funny and self-indulgent like that. Oooh look, I can order t-shirts to thank the .000015% of world-wide-web readers who visit this site. I feel so popular! I’m so glad they offered me such a deal on those shirts. I ordered .000015 of them. Now, I do have to say I’m pleased my traffic rank has improved by over 5 million over the last three months. Wooo! How exactly do they get their stats? Oh, from users who installed their toolbar.

Tangentially Related

I was thrilled to see Muse in concert tonight at the Patriot Center at GMU. Even more thrilling was when the second song in their set was the one I use as theme music for That’s Chat’s Nats (video). No Nats stuff in there and the sound quality from my little Canon PowerShot sucks, but still, I’m a happy girl! That was an awesome concert!

Not so tangentially related – Ross Detwiler, the 6th pick in the draft who autographed my scorebook on July 6th when he was officially signed to a contract, will make his debut tomorrow for the P-Nats in Woodbridge. He was supposed to start tonight for them at Frederick, but the game was rained out. So now he gets to debut at “home” and close to the mother ship. Even better, it’s Randy Knorr bobblehead night! So if there is only one night you get out to the Potomac Nationals, I think tomorrow should be the night! (and someone pick up a bobble head for me because as usual, I have other plans and won’t make it!).

Famous for a day! Ultimate Tailgate Experience

RFK lot 8 limo tailgate

Wow, that was the coolest ride to a game and tailgating experience ever! My cell phone rang right at noon and it was our Reston Limo driver *chauffer*, John, letting me know he was arriving in our driveway, so I got to yell “our limo is here!” Hee! I haven’t been in a limo since I was a kid and my family took one to the airport, and once I saw the inside of the shiny long white limo in my driveway, realized that childhood ride didn’t even count as I took in the sleek curved bar along the passenger side, leather seats, and awesome mood lighting. First, have a little taste of the video experience…

Definitely click to read more…

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