Ian Recovery – 3

Back Yard

As you’ll gather from the photos below, I really enjoy living in a van down by the river. While living out that dream earlier, I had strung solar light globes around the yard and was stunned to find just over half of them survived Ian! After the driveway, it was the next used and looked at part of the property, so the destruction needed to be erased. Plus, you have to walk through the middle yard and the river yard to get to the river and I (of course) have water toys here and would need to take a break and use them at some point, so clearing these two yards was next. I found it helped with the overwhelming feeling to just target a small section a day – cut it up, drag it off, rake it up, mow it, move on to the next section (if there’s time). I called it my morning job. Since I was working on west coast time, I had all morning to dedicate to that job, then I showered and did my day job from inside the AC of the van (too hot for manual labor outside at that point anyway).

You can see the palm(etto) trees along the left side of the property line before the river are now leaning at about 45 degrees. I still need to find out if I can hire someone to re-dig their root area and stand them straight up again. Otherwise, I’m afraid they’re going to just fall completely at some point. Also, there’s still half a tree in the river yard that needs to be cut into smaller pieces and burned in the fire pit (closer than dragging it to the street).

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